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Telehealth (TeleMedicine)

Our Telehealth Program is a proactive approach to help reduce hospital readmissions for patients with certain chronic disease diagnoses. This additional way to monitor our patients’ health helps in identifying symptom changes early, instead of waiting until the patient’s next nursing visit.

The Telehealth Monitoring Systems are hospital-grade medical devices that allow patients to collect vital signs daily, providing patients with a secure and consistent connection to Gilead clinicians. If information collected indicates a need for intervention, or if the user fails to collect vital signs when prompted, appropriate action is taken and the patient, the patient’s physician, and members of the care team may be contacted.

Through the use of our Telehealth system we are able to obtain information on a daily basis, such as:

•Blood pressure

•Pulse rate


•Pulse oximetry (oxygen level)

This sets our agency apart from other home care providers.