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About Us

About Gilead Health Care

Gilead Health Care, Inc. is a family owned and operated agency that has been providing Austin, TX and the surrounding areas with comprehensive home health care since 2004. We provide flexible services that help your loved ones remain at home and receive all the required care to maximize recovery while maintaining control of their lifestyle. Our case management approach is patient focused with the objective to eliminate re-hospitalization and relapse of disease while empowering the patients’ desire for independent living. At Gilead Home Health we work with each patient and their physicians to provide skilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, medical social work, and home health aide. Gilead’s philosophy is to treating each patient as though they are our only patient.

Gilead Health Care Team

Our Mission

To improve the lives of our clients by providing them with superior staff who is committed to providing exceptional care and treating our clients with honesty, respect, and dignity.

Why Choose Gilead?

Because you have been referred to us by friends, family or your physician who have experienced our tried and trusted approach which delivers the home care you are looking for and the best client experience in the industry. Also, because we provide superior cost-effective care.

Why Our Clients Love Us?

Our clients love us because our highly trained staff will advise and guide you through every step of your individualized patient care. We are committed to providing exceptional care that will result in stability, decreased re-hospitalization, and preserve and improve quality of life. We take our responsibility to our patients, and physicians very seriously. We act with honesty and integrity at all times without ever compromising the safety or rights of our clients. We enjoy what we do and having a perfect experience means we are all happy.