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Studies have proven that the trauma of leaving the familiar home setting while convalescent may aggravate and accelerate an illness. At Gilead, our elite team has the experience and knowledge necessary to render quality and reliable care in the comfort of your own home.

We are licensed to provide services in:

Specialty Program - Behavioral Health Program

Our behavioral program is designed to effectively coordinate, assist and provide services during the transition from the hospital to the home setting. All care is coordinated with the patient’s physician and family through one of our Medicare certified psychiatric registered nurses. Additionally, several of our certified psychiatric RN’s are veterans and are uniquely qualified to provide support to our military and veteran patients that may be confronted with behavioral issues.

The behavioral program provides clinical guidance and teaching goals for each visit that is approved and coordinated with the physician. The nurse assess behavioral signs and symptoms, safety, medication management (effectiveness and side effects) and provide specific behavioral management education.

The program supports mental illness diseases such as: Depression, Bipolar, Dementia/ Alzheimer’s, Veteran PTSD &TBI, Schizophrenia, Personality Disorders, OCD, ADHD, and others.

Medicare Certified

Skilled Nursing Services


RN Case Management


Nursing Observation and Assessment


Anticoagulation Therapy Assessment


In-House PT/INR


Foley Catheter Management


Medication Management


Pain Assessment/Management


Diabetic Management


Infusion Therapy


Patient/Caregiver Education


Disease Specific Education


Wound Care and Wound VAC



Skilled Therapy Services


Physical Therapy


Occupational Therapy


Speech Therapy


Medical Social Work

Here’s what our patients are saying

They were great and now I am walking almost 2 miles a day.

- EW

They have helped a lot already and with the new schedule next week it will be even better. This first week has really been great!

- DG

William is amazing and always helps me as much as he can.

- LG

Anastasia has helped me so much because she takes the time to do what others have not done.

- PB

It’s nice to see a happy face during Covid-19.

- MV

They really help me with my wound.

- CM

PT is really amazing!

- SB

Jessica is very good to me.

- GW

This service is a blessing to me!

- CC

My nurse has helped me more than anyone ever has helped me before. I have had a lot of nurses.

- WS

I could not ask for anything better.

- PM

The nurses were all lovely ladies and they did everything they could to help. We miss them!!

- Paciente Masculino

Everyone was great. One of the best care I have ever had.

- Paciente Masculino


- Paciente Femenina

Staff was friendly and did excellent service.

- Paciente Masculino